Planning Commission

Sec. 16-38. - Planning commission.

(a)Created. Hereby created is the town planning commission, hereinafter referred to as the "commission," which shall be legally constituted and recognized upon the appointment of members thereto, acceptance of membership thereon, and their holding of an organizational meeting at which required officers are elected therefor.

(b)Number of members. The membership of the town planning commission shall include five persons.

(c)Appointment of members. The town council shall appoint all members to terms on the commission from persons who are residents of the corporate limits of the town but who are not elected members to the town council. Members of the town council, or the mayor, may be appointed ex officio members, who have the right of discussion, but shall not be voting members thereof.

(d)Terms; filling vacancies. All appointments to the planning commission shall be for terms of three years' duration, except for appointments to fill unexpired terms for vacancies which may from time to time occur. Appointments to fill unexpired terms shall be for the duration of the unexpired term. Any member whose term expires may be reappointed for an additional term.

(e)Meetings. The commission shall hold an organizational meeting within 31 days from the date upon which five members are appointed, and thereafter shall hold not less than one meeting quarterly, and may meet as often as the commission may direct on a regular basis; or in special session as called by the chairperson, or vice-chairperson in the chairperson's absence or refusal; or upon written approval of any three members.

(f)Attendance required. Any commission member who fails to attend three consecutive regular or called meetings is automatically terminated from membership on the commission and the seat is declared vacant. The town council shall fill such vacancy within 30 days from such third missed meeting.

(g)Quorum. Three members shall constitute a quorum and may transact any business which may properly come before the commission.

(h)Function, powers and duties. The commission shall exercise the authority, perform the duties, accept the responsibilities and perform the functions enumerated and implied by F.S. ch. 163, pt. II (F.S. § 163.2511 et seq.).

(i)Officers; rules of procedure; employment of technical assistants; funding.

(1)The commission shall elect a chairperson, a vice-chairperson and a secretary from among its voting members. Officers shall serve terms of one year, or until a successor is elected and installed. The commission may appoint or elect a recording secretary who may be the development director or an employee of the town.

(2)The commission shall adopt bylaws or rules for the transaction of its business, and shall keep an indexed record of its resolutions, transactions findings, and determinations, which records shall be public record.

(3)The commission may, subject to approval of the town council, and within financial limitation of available funds set by the town council, employ such experts, technicians or staff as may be deemed proper and pay such salaries or fees as are necessary to conduct the work of the commission

(j)Preparation of comprehensive plan.

(1)Responsibility. The town hereby designates the town planning commission to be responsible for the preparation of any amendments or rewriting of the comprehensive plan for the town and for the preparation of materials, documents and criteria required by F.S. ch. 163, pt. II (F.S. § 163.2511 et seq.).

(2)Coordination with other planning agencies. The town retains for itself and the said designated planning commission all rights, duties and responsibilities allowed under its charter and ordinances with regard to the planning, land use, zoning or rezoning of land within its geographic boundaries, but wishes to coordinate its functions with those of other state and local planning agencies, relative to surrounding areas.

(Land Development Code 1995, div. 6.03)