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Lake Hamilton Town Council


The Town of Lake Hamilton in Polk County, Florida, was established by the Florida State Legislature on November 6, 1924 and has continued as a municipal corporation with a Council and Administrator form of government. 

The Town Council is the governing body of the Town of Lake Hamilton, as established by the Florida Legislature, and serves as the legislative branch of town, as defined in the town charter.  The regular meetings of the Town Council are held on the first Tuesday of every month, unless changed by Council. The meetings are held at Town of Lake Hamilton Town Hall, 100 Smith Ave.

All powers of the town shall be vested in the Town Council except as otherwise provided by law or the Town Charter.  The government of the Town shall be vested in the following elective officers; a Mayor, whose term of office shall be three years; and, a Legislative Branch, the Town Council, consisting of four members, each Council Member having a term of three years. The Council seats will be numbered 1 through 4. The Vice-Mayor,  shall be selected at the first meeting after the April Election (May of each year), from Members of the Town Council by majority vote of the Council, and shall act as Mayor during the absence or disability of the Mayor.

The authorities and responsibilities of the Town Council include:

  • Adopting ordinances and resolutions to establish public policy;
  • Levying authorized taxes and fees;
  • Adopting a budget each fiscal year;
  • Providing town services and infrastructure, including determining the amount and sources of funding for each;
  • Appointing, supervising and removing of the Town Administrator, Town Clerk and Town attorney;
  • Approving expenditures of town funds;
  • Entering into contracts and agreements;
  • Appointing individuals to serve on various boards and commissions established by state law, or by the Town Council of Lake Hamilton.

The Town Council meets the first Tuesday of every month, unless otherwise announced. For information on your town council members, click the View Full Contact Details located to the lower right.