Michael W. Kehoe

Mayor Michael Kehoe
Elected to the Town Council in 2013 - 2019
Elected Mayor 2019

Mayor's Duties and Responsibilities

The Mayor shall preside at all Town Council meetings and shall be a voting member of the Council. He/She represents the town in intergovernmental relationships, appoints members of citizen advisory boards and commissions with the advice and consent of council. He/She facilitate's communication and understanding between elected and appointed officials. He/She assists the council in setting goals and advocating policy decisions, and shall perform other duties specified by the council.  The mayor shall be recognized as head of the town government for service of process, ceremonial matters, and execution of contracts, deeds, and other documents. The Mayor shall have no administrative duties other than those necessary to accomplish these duties. In the absences of the Mayor, the Vice-Mayor shall assume the duties of the Mayor.