Lhpd Pirtle

Police Operations Manager

Gina Pirtle is Police Operations Manager which includes responsibilities of Chief's Assistant, Records, Evidence, Accreditation, and Code Enforcement Assistant.

She can be reached at ginapirtle [at] ()




Records Clerk/Administrative 


[LEFT] Kim Kulaczk can be reached at kulaczk [at]  

Chris Votour



Lieutenant Chris Votour is responsible for Administrative Inquiries, Vehicles, Building Maintenance, Interns, and Inventory.

He can be contacted at votourc [at] ()

Lhpd- Ortiz

Patrol Supervisors

Corporal Jose Ortiz-Gonzalez [Left] can be reached at Ortizj [at] ()


Dayshift Patrol Officers

[RIGHT] Officer Bret Sumerlin can be reached at brets [at] (


Clark Travis


LEFT] Officer Travis Clark can be reached at cclark [at] ()

E Jules Upd

Night Shift Patrol Officers

[LEFT]  Officer Emmanuelle Jules can be reached at julese [at] ()

Louis Updd

[RIGHT] Officer Louis Digiovanni can be reached at louisd [at] ()

Peana Nicole


LEFT] Officer  Nicole Pena can be reached at npeana [at] ()

Vernet Jean

[RIGHT] Officer Jean Vernet can be reached at jvernet [at] ()

Lhpd Meyer

Reserve Officers

[LEFT] Reserve Captain John Meyer can be reached at meyerj [at] ()

is responsible for the Reserve Officer Program, volunteers and Officer Complaints/Compliments.

Garrison Photo



[RIGHT] Reserve Officer James Garrison can be reached at   
garrisonj [at] ()


[LEFT] Reserve Officer Dewayne can be reached at carrd [at] ()